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  1. Thanks for your sweet comments on my shelter packs. Yes, I only make and donate to shelters as I had a personal experience with them a long time ago. As a result, it opened my eyes to the fact some people go there with just the clothes on their back and need all the love, support and basic essentials to get back on their feet again. The shelters do supply them with necessities but then that comes from their operating budget which they can use for other stuff for the women. So I am sure your friend would appreciate the donations to the shelter as would the people who receive them. Thanks again for your kind remarks!
  2. Do you just make up bags for shelters? My friend works at one, I dont think she gets many donations. That is such a great idea! I never thought of donating to our local shelter, i know we have a womans one close by, I think when i find amazing deals (i already do my xmas shopping) i will buy extras for our shelter, thanks for the inspiration!
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