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  1. I sent you an email with my addy. I haven't made 15 posts either so I also can't PM. I'm totally fine with 4 stamps
  2. I don't have the fruit gusher coupons anymore. How about I send you 4 stamps instead?
    I can't PM, as I guess there is a new rule that you can't PM unless you have made 15 posts, which I have not. I don't really want to post my address up here. Would you exchange addresses via email? My e-mail address is: [email protected].
  3. Hi newmommy0429

    Thanks for looking at my trade list. I still have all of the coupons you want (3) $3 off enfamil A+(July 31/11 0ct 31/11); $5 off Enfamil A+, Gentlease, or enfrapro; $3 off enfamil gentlease A+ or Enfamil A+.

    I looked at your trade list and if you still have Fruit Gushers $1 (July 18,2011), Fruit Gushers $.50 (August 31,2011) I would take those and 3 stamps, if you think that's fair.
    Let me know and I will send out your formula coupons asap!
  4. musicmom
    I am interested in these coupons for a total of $17:

    (3) $3 on Enfamil A+ (powder or 1 case of Concentrate) (July 31/11, Oct 31/11, Oct 31/11)

    $5 on Enfamil A+, Enfamil Gentlease A+ or Enfapro A+, powder only (Aug 5/11)

    $3 on Enfamil Gentlease A+ or Enfamil A+ (powder or concentrate) (Oct. 31/11)

    I do not have anything on your wish list. Would you trade for stamps, and if so, how many?
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