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  1. sounds good! I accepted your friend request.
  2. awww those dogs are sooo gorgous! You should put a picture of her on your profile! I have a pic of my kitty on my profile and alot of other people put pics of their pets on their profile too. I love seeing pictures of people's pets! Have you ever looked at Andit's photos of her dog and cat? They are absolutely adorable! Well it is basically time for bed pretty much for me so I am heading to bed I think. Have a great weekend!
  3. ya! i have a dog, shes a mini american eskimo. and you can never talk to much about your pets, lol
  4. oh neat! do you have any pets? I have a cat! I talk about him ALL the time in the tea room. Sometimes I wonder if I talk about him too much. lol But people seem to love hearing about him! lol Sorry I am really into pets-I like to ask people if they have pets.
  5. well i have lived in alberta a few different times, lol. most recently just moved back here in april. yes i do miss it some.
  6. Glad to hear you are getting it resolved! How long have you been in Alberta? Do you miss Newfoundland?
  7. thanks! i am working on getting it resolved, the person has mailed me. might be getting some of the coupons i was trading for. and yes always nice to meet someone else in alberta, though i am actually from newfoundland. lol
  8. I just saw about your experience with the bad trade and I hope it gets sorted out for you! I saw you are a fellow Albertan too! Nice to meet another Albertan! I think there may be actually quite a few on here. I have sort of gotten to know a few through here. Well hopefully it gets worked out for you!
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