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  1. Hey Ash, hows it going? Long time to talk to

    Im not sure who would be up to this. Both Sunflower3313(Paulette) and myself gave big donations to the needy right before Christmas. Her to her church and me to the Transition House. I personally dont really have anything available right now but I guess it wouldnt hurt to maybe post something in our local section. The least that could happen is you get no response or get no's?.?.?.?...
  2. Hi, I dont know if you remember me. I used to go to coupon meets when I lived in Regina. I was wondering if you thought it would be okay if I asked some of the local people if they had any extra freebies, etc they would be will to donate. I am going to Cuba in March and trying to bring as much stuff for the people there as I can.
    Ashley (NicksBride)
  3. Hey girl, I was thinking about you the other day. Just wondering how your doing. Feel free to PM me anytime!
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