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About nontoxicrainbow
Hello there! I am a long time reader of SmartCanucks but recently decided to finally make an account
Dartmouth, NS
My hobbies include anything creative!
Trade List:
**Looking for: Any Fancy Feast or Meow Mix wet cat food coupons, $2 + $5 Olay products, $5 Gillette products, Maybelline Fit Me $5 coupon (not full regime, one product), Betty Crocker Icing, Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, Casa di Mami Pizza, Flavur Fruit Drinks, Pringles, Minute Rice Whole Grain, B2GO Free Lipton Brisk, B2G1F Aquafina Plus Vitamins drink**
~Very Open to Trade, Just Send a message.
Prefer Coupon for Coupon Trade~

1x WUB Lipton Iced Tea, Sparkling Green Tea or Dole Sparklers Real Fruit (12x355mL) or 12x340mL Dole 100% Juices or Cocktails, get a free 1L bottle of Brisk (Dec 31/11)
1x $0.75 Almond Fresh 1.89L (Aug 4/11)
3x $0.75 Astro BioBest, Original or Zer0 yogourt (excluse 175g) (Valid in Atlantic Canada)(June 30/11)
3x $1.00 Black Diamond FunCheez (Valid in Atlantic Canada)(June 30/11)
1x $1.00 Black Diamond Portion pack 126g (June 30/11)
4x $1.00 WUB2 Barbara's Bakery product 190g or larger (July 31/11)
4x $1.00 Cavendish Flavour Crisp 454g Sweet Potato Strips (June 30/2012)
4x $0.50 Clover Leaf Flavoured Tuna 85g WUB2 (Dec 31/11)(Valid in Atlantic Canada)
1x $0.50 Four O'clock tea (Mar 31/12)
1x $1.00 Frank's Red Hot Product (354mL or 680mL only)(May 20/11)
1x $1.00 Frank RedHot Sweet Chili (July 10/11)
1x $1.00 Frank's RedHot Thick Sauce (July 10/11)
1x $1.00 Gay Lea Spreadables Regular or Light 227g (Feb 28/2012)
2x $1.00 High Liner Market Cuts Product (December 31/11)
3x $1.00 Kellogg's Corn Pops, Mini Wheats or Mini Wheats Little Bites cereal WUB2 (Dec 31/11)(Valid in Atlantic Canada)
2x $0.75 Kozy Shack product (May 31/11)
1x $3.00 Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract (Nov 11)
1x $1.00 Lactantia Smart Growth Milk 2x 2L or 4L(June 30/11)
2x $1.00 Mozzarellissima (500g or larger)(May 31/11)(Printed)
3x $1.00 Maynards' and Cadbury 100g Family Bars WUB2 (July 31/11)(Atlantic Canada only)
2x $0.75 Nordica Cottage Cheese product (250g, 500g, 750g ot 4x113g) (Feb 28/12)x2
1x $1.00 Nudefruit (July 31/11) (Printed)
5x $0.75 Oasis NutriSource 1.89L (Dec 31/11)
1x $1.00 Ocean Spray product (May 11/11) (Printed)
4x WUB2 Orville Redenbaucher (5, 6 or 8 pack), get a Free 2L bottle of Dr. Pepper or Crush (June 30/11)
2x $0.75 Ryza any 1.89L or 946mL (July 9/11)x1 (Dec 31/11)x1
1x $0.75 Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Flavours for Coffee (Dec 31/11)
3x $1.00 Starbucks Via Ready Brew (Aug 31/11)
2x $0.50 Stag Chili WUB2 (Good on Cans or Microwave bowls)(Valid in Atlantic, Canada)(June 30/11)
2x $0.75 So Nice 1.89L (Dec 31/11)x1 (Aug 5/11)x1
1x $0.75 So Nice coffee creamer 500ml (Aug 4/11)
1x $0.75 Soyummi puddings (400g) (Dec 31/11)
3x $1.00 Tetley Specialty Tea WUB2 (20s and 24s)(July 31/11)(Valid in Atlantic, Canada)
1x $0.50 Voortman No Sugar Added Packs WUB2 (Aug 31/11)

1x $5.00 Enfapro Product (July 10/11)
1x $12.00 Enfapro A+ powder (March 31/12)
1x $3.00 Enfamil A+ powder or 1 case of concentrate (12 x 385mL)(March 31/12)
2x $5.00 Enfamil A+, Enfamil Gentlease a+ or Enfapro A+ formulas (powder only)(Aug 3/11)x1 (Aug 4/11)x1
2x $1.00 Johnson's Baby or Penaten Product (July 10/11)x1 (Aug 4/11)x1
1x $2.00 Goodnites Underwear (Jumbo Pack or Larger)(May 13/11)
1x $5.00 Nestle Good Start 2 Probiotic (june 30/12)
1x $2.00 Pull-ups Training Pants (Jumbo pack or larger)(May 13/11)
2x $3.00 Pediasure Complete 4x235mL pack (May 1/2012)
1x $5.00 off Similac Advance (Dec 31/11)

1x $0.75 Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Laundry Detergent (July 10/11)
1x $0.75 Arm & Hammer Essentials Laundry Detergent (July 10/11)
1x $0.75 Arm & Hammer Carpet Deordorizer (July 10/11)
1x $1.00 Arm & Hammer Pet Odour Remover Plus OxiClean (July 10/11)
1x $1.00 Bounce Dryer Bar (June 03/11)
1x $2.00 Clorox 2 Stain Fighter and Colour Booster (May 20/11)
1x $1.00 Diamond Crystal bags WUB2 (December 31/11)
2x $1.00 Fantastik triggers (Aug 3/11)x1 (Aug 4/11)x1
1x $1.00 Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent (June 30/11)
1x $1.00 Finish Detergent Product (Powerball, Gelpacs, Gel or Powder) (June 30/11)
1x $2.00 Finish Quantum (June 30/11)
1x $1.00 Finish Dishwasher Cleaner (June 30/11)
1x $1.00 iQ Starter Kits (Oct 31/11)
1x $1.00 Oxiclean Versatile Powder (Sept 30/11)
1x $1.00 oxiClean MaxForce or Multi-purpose Stain Remover Spray (Sept 30/11)
3x $0.50 Purex Laundry product (Sept 30/11)(Atlantic Canada only)
1x $1.00 Resolve pre-treat product (June 30/11)
1x $1.00 Resolve Oxi-Action in-wash product (June 30/11)
4x $0.75 Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner (Dec 31/11)(Atlantic Canada only)
1x $0.75 Scrub Free Naturally Clean (Dec 31/11)
1x $0.75 Scrub Free Plus OxiClean or X-treme (Dec 31/11)
1x $0.75 Scrub Free Soap Scum or Mildew (Dec 31/11)
1x WUB Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel, Get Toilet Duck Liquid Free (August 31/11)
1x $1.00 Sunlight Laundry Detergent (August 4/11)
1x $1.00 Sunlight Green Clean Laundry Detergent (October 31/11)
1x $0.50 Sunlight Hand Dishwashing Liquid (625mL, 950mL, 1.5L)(Aug 3/11)
1x WUB Windex Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit, get Windex Outdoor All-in-One Refill Free (Sept 16/11)

3x $3.00 Abreva Coldsore Treatment (Dec 31/2012)
3x $4.00 Advil NightTime (Dec 31/11)
1x $1.00 Aleve 24 count (Aug 5/11)
1x $1.00 Arm & Hammer Advance Antiperspirant Deodorant WUB2 (July 10/11)
1x $1.00 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste WUB2 (July 10/11)
1x $0.75 Arm & Hammer Toothpaste (April 30/12)
1x $1.00 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Battery (July 10/11)
1x $1.50 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Globrush (April 30/12)
1x $1.00 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Kid's (April 30/12)
1x $1.50 Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro Clean, Pro Withening, Pro Sonic or Pro Select (April 30/12)
3x $0.50 Aquafresh toothpaste (July 10/11)x1 (June 30/12)x2
1x $2.00 Bio-K+ 6-pack (July 31/11)
1x $2.00 Breathe Right Nasal Strips (July 10/11)
1x $2.00 Cetaphil Restoraderm Eczema Moisturizing Wash or Lotion (may 20/11)
1x $1.00 Crest Pro-Health for Me Paste (June 3/2011)
1x $1.00 Disney multi-vitamins (Jan 13/12)
2x $1.00 Ester-C Vitamin C product (Sept 30/11)x1 (Jan 1/12)
1x $2.00 Ensure gift cheque (Dec 28/11)
1x $2.00 Gaviscon product (Aug 31/11)
1x $1.00 Gaviscon product (Aug 5/11)x1 (July 15/11)x1)
1x $1.00 holista. product (Jan 1/2012)
1x $5.00 Multibionta product (Dec 31/11)
1x $2.00 Nature's Bounty vitamin or supplement (Jan 13/12)
1x $1.00 Nature's Bounty Vitamon or Supplement (Feb 15/12)
1x $1.00 Natural Instincts hair colour product (June 03/11)
1x $1.00 Nice 'n Easy hair colour (June 03/11)
1x $3.00 Nice 'n Easy hair colour WUB2 (June 24/11)
2x $1.50 One a Day product (July 11/11)x1 (Aug 4/11)x1
1x $2.00 Oscillococcinum product (June 1/11)
1x $5.00 Osteo Bi-Flex joint care supplment (Jan 13/12)
1x $5.00 Osteo Bi-Flex product (Feb 15/12)
1x $5.00 Osteo Joint Ease product (Jan 1/12)
3x $1.00 Polident or Poli-grip (July 10/11)x1 (June 30/12)x2
3x $1.00 ProNamel Toothpaste (July 10/11)x1 (June 30/12)x2
1x $2.00 Renew Life Product (May 31/11)
1x $1.50 Respirit (Aug 31/11)
3x $3.00 Robax product (March 31/12)
3x $1.00 Sensodyne toothpaste (July 10/11)x1 (June 30/12)x2
2x $1.00 Sensodyne iso-active toothpaste (Aug 3/11)x1 (Aug 5/11)x1
2x $0.50 SenokotS 60s laxative(July 10/11)x1 (Aug 5/11)x1
1x $3.00 Spectro EczemaCare product (May 20/11)
1x $2.00 Spectro 500ml Cleanser OR any one Spectro HydraCare Facial Moisturizer (May 20/11)
1x $5.00 Spectro 500ml Cleanser AND any one Spectro HydraCare Facial Moisturizer (May 20/11)
1x $5.00 Stayfree (16-24s), Carefree (46-60s) or o.b. (18-20s) products WUB2 (Aug 4/11)
1x $1.00 Traditional Medicinals tea (no expiry)
1x $2.00 Tums WUB2 (May 31/11)(Not valid on 12's or Tums Rolls)
1x $1.50 Ultra Probiotic Plus (August 31/11)
1x $2.50 Vicks NyQuil or DayQuil Sinus product (June 19/11)
2x $4.00 Wampole Liquid Calcium 350ML (March 31/2012)
1x $1.00 Webbers Naturals product (January 1/12)

2x WUB2 Cashmere Double 8's, get a free Fresh Wipes Tub or Refill (June 13/11)
3x $1.00 EnviroCare Product (Scotties EnviroCare Facial Tissue, Cashmere EnviroCare Bathroom Tissue, Spongetowels EnviroCare) (August 8/11)
5x $1.00 Royale Bathroom Tissue (12 double roll or larger) (Oct 31/11)(Atlantic Canada only)

1x $1.00 WUB12 tins Friskies Wet Cat Food (Dec 31/11)
1x $1.00 WUB2 Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats, 60g (Dec 31/11)
1x $2.00 Iams dry cat food (1.5 lbs or larger)(June 19/11)
1x $2.00 Iams dry dog food (3/5 lbs or larger)(June 19)
1x $0.50 Iams wet dog or wet cat food (June 19/11)
1x $1.50 Iams dry kitten food (June 19/11)
1x $1.50 Iams dry puppy good (June 19/11)
1x $10.00 Natural Choice, Max or Ultra Dry Food (Min $10 purchase)(May 31/11)
1x $5.00 Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free Dog Food (June 4/11)
1x $3.00 Nutro Natural Choice Dry Cat Food (Jun 4/11)
1x $3.50 Purina Dog Chow or Puppy Chow (Aug 4/11)
1x $1.50 Purina Busy Bone (Aug 4/11)
1x $3.00 Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food bag (Aug 4/11)
2x $1.00 Purina Beneful Snackin' Slices Dog Snacks (July 10/11)x1 (Aug 4/11)x1
1x WUB Purina Benefuls prepared meals, get one free (August 4/11)

4x MIR for $30 President's Choice Gift Card WUB$20 worth of product (more info here)(Must purchase btween April 28th and May 19th)
7x MIR Save 10c/litre up to 50 litres at Petro-Canada with the purchase of any Aspirin 81mg (100ct or higher)(Forms must be sent in by June 30/11)(3 a household)
1x $2.00 Vox $10 card (June 3rd/11)
1x $5.00 Duracell USB charger (includes Pocket Charger, Instant Charger or Powerhouse Charger)(June 19/11)
1x $2.00 Duracell hearing Aid batteries (June 19/11)
2x $3.00 Magicuts Adult Haircut Service (June 30/11)
1x 30% on eyeglasses or Rx sunglasses at Pearle Vision (Valid CAA membership required)(Not Valid in BC or Winnipeg)
1x BOGO free on a complete pair of eyeglasses or Rx Sunglasses at Pearle Vision (Not Valid in BC or Winnipeg)(July 2nd/11)
1x Free Portrait Collage (8x10) at Sears (July 9/11)
1x 15% off The Shoe Company total purchase of $90+

5x $1.00 Wendys Large entree Pair 2 or Salad (May 29/2011)
5x WUB Wendys half size salad, get a free Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe (May 29/2011)
5x WUB Wendys Bacon Deluxe, get a free Single Bacon Deluxe (May 29/2011)
**All Wendys Coupons are valid in Halifax, Dartmouth, Lower Sackville and Bedford, NS locations**
12x 50% any Quiznos sub with the purchase of a regular fountain drink (June 5/11)
24x $2.00 Quiznos large sub/$1 off a regular sub (exluding Everyday Value Subs)(June 5)
12x BOGO 50% off Quiznos with the purchase of any sub of equal or greater value (exluding everyday value subs)(June 5/11)
12x Free Quiznos Combo with the purchase of any sandwich (Jun 5/11)



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