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  1. hurry up and grab that code. it'll be "2morrow" before you find it;P
  2. oh darn it I bought the mccain stuff and threw out my receipt today darn it..screwed myself oh that sucks
  3. that rocks on the quaker deals haun! you did great. i forgot one deal, i had the buy 3 save $4 mccain, and the rebate for the $5 back din't know but it's one per household PER WEEK. boy did i miss out on that deal, only one week left too.
  4. shopping was alright, had some of those buy 4 save $4on quaker crunch ems and 100 calorie bars, etc. they were marked $1 a box so I empted the shelves didnt pay a cent lets just say got enough bars and such for a long time. Als used m buy 3 get $10 Olay and got a bunch of soap for nothing and used my tylenol ones as well, so on that part didnt to bad
  5. my hubby gets a kick out of your hauntings

    i made it to sobeys with my raincheck, got some groceries, not many deals on tho, but that's ok, got bonus airmiles went to walmart, and grabbed the dog & cat food, and snared that deal for the $15 giftcard wub $40 iams. hit them with half a dozen tylenol coupons too. (=free).

    it's funny but no big sales on down here. you snag anything good?
  6. ur having a shopping marathon a ton of coupons ready to go for tonight..yeah I cant even blamethe knife thing on my dh as he was on the road that day, definately can say was a little freaky, as long as noen fly around I will be
  7. OMG haun, i just read your msg. that is one creeeped out ghost you got there, and sounds like (he?) has violent thoughts. rofl. lock up those knives chickey!!!
  8. ty for the rep. i did go back to bed. i got. 1 hour sleep. woopee.

    ya i'll be able to do my shopping marathon tonight *YaWn* and manage to stay awake til 10 pm or soo..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. hey it could have been my, the other day went shopping come home and all my knives are out of the knife block and in my pencil cup, was like what the heck is going
  10. Hope you and your family have a nice, calm and very Merry Christmas!!!
  11. Glad you liked it, actually found those at Dollarama, was surprised i liked them bought a few packs
    Have a great day!
  12. ty for the card! i lurvs it. and i love the sticky you used to hide the "sample" .where did u find those???
  13. Happy Halloween!!!


  15. all i got to use is this crappy camera phone. and you can't apparently order prints from it online as the quality SUCKS!

    xmas is comming..if i keep at it i might grab a gc to get one, who knows...(digital camera)
  16. Omg Ns,ur hilarious!! Must be a boy thing, half of Damians pics hes making some messed up face, to get a good one, gotta retake a million times, good thing theres digital cameras!!
  17. thanks haun..but the face..omg the face..only a mother could

    i got a pic of him 5 days old, thought i had the most beautiful baby in the world.

    well, when the drugz wore off,


  18. you have johnny plastered? :D

    mine saw the siggy..but luckily did not see my wallpaper..i did use one of those gale ones i found, and i tiled it. so i have like...a couple dozen good looking gales all over..mmmmm nice. hubby sees that he'll prolly go ballistic.
  19. NOoooo chickey. you make them sign a WAIVER that they've entered at their own risk and that you are not responsible for any injuries, theft of items or any such potential liable lawsuit events. sign on the dotted line, be prepared to crap your pants.
  20. NAH...your the only person brave enuf to admit you live in Sk!
  21. I know, I swear am I the only person who lives in you have a good thanksgiving
  22. i would love to go shopping with you. why the hell do you have to live in Sk???
  23. o sure, laff at the misery of a bee living in compete solitude...away from other members of the one to luv! waaah!
  24. thanks for the rep haun. i like everything about gale, i can't find one damn flaw....oh wait, yes i can. he's not HERE!
  25. he liked it enough, was a bit upset at first was the new version of scooby, but in the end scooby is scooby and loves it, am sure in a week I will be able to recite the
  26. glad your getting a kick out of the pug how did the ds find the movie?

    hope you had a good visit with dad. sometimes i wish i lived further from some of my family :S
  27. Yeah love the screensaver, my dh sat on the couch that night then seen the reflection in the glass and freaked thought there was a pug there was funny, everyone who sees it loves it.
    My dad just left hadnt seen him in 2 years, was a nice visit, all my family lives far away, so visits are few and far between..
  28. so your screen is all nice and clean now? glad to hear it's working. my hubby had this weird look on his face when he walked by the computer room one day. he was like wth is that?? i said well, you won't buy me a real one!

    thanks for the boost

    and i see your dad is comming to visit? awesome! hope you guys have great weather, and get lots of catching up. how long is he down/up?
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