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  1. how are you doing my fat furry big butt friend? never got around to sending out the stuff yet, some coupons..but hey, now you'll get even more lol. i keep finding stuff.
  2. welcome to my prono site. heck i never noticed, u think it's a huka???

    and *that dude*...IS GALE!!!!
  3. My avie just needs a little rest. The bear does get pooped out.

    Hey, is that dude smokin' a little twisted ciggy?
  4. i was watching your avie. i swear that bear is slowing down....

    howzit going chickey? am so glad u posted that lindor contest. first time ds did not complain about the long drive to nanas.. was a different story on way back tho..he rarely this was a rare site.
  5. thank you chickey. and it's 28, i'm 28 (again). i donno why i can't rep you...
  6. what the crap do you mean your retiring????
  7. purple and green aren't very xmasy lemme help out..

  8. Happy Halloween

  9. crud, i was gonna say, hang onto the upc codes incase you get more :D and gimme a bumpy while yer at it
  10. how much is a stamp? i have some here, wondering if any good.
  11. hey

    your ASS makes me dizzy.

    think i only have 3 coupons for yous :s thought i had more

    anyway, will send em tonight prolly.
  12. and yes you can steal it for the rumpshakers thread
  13. DAMN! they don't come with a koala bear..woulda ordered you one.

  14. that's my $5, you get yer own.
  15. willy's your hubby right..and it is his birthday he'll be expecting a little, sumtin sumtin
  16. dropped in to share my favorite quote with you:

    To the powerful women in my life -

    Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders & says... 'Oh ...she's awake!!
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