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  1. ty for the avie offer, but i'm kinda stuck on the gale faces. and i think you only came over to see my prono site:D
  2. Got a new avie for you!
  3. aww...thanks ya chickey, you rock!
  4. seek sent it to me via email and didn't know how to post it here. cute eh?
  5. LMFAO!! Where did you find that one????
  6. RELAX!

    from seek
  7. yes i did! and btw, your avie ROCKS!
  8. I see that you figured out the avie!!
  9. EH???
  10. i don't know what's going on, but i hope things turn around for you. we miss you dammit!
  11. I'm worried about you!! Get here and get the good news NOW WOMAN!!!!
  12. Hugs!
  13. aphena is keeping her sexy witch pumpin one. i am changing mine tho, rememberance day is over..
  14. Guess I need to change this jumpin punkin avatar
  15. Thanks...I miss you guys...trying to get my life outta the toilet....
  16. exactamundo!!
  17. saving money..good. taxes. BAAAAD.
  18. so that's good and bad ya know!!
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