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  1. hee hee... did you know you were lost? So happy to see you've been found!!!
  2. AHA! kaela has you, i'll search her friends. lol. i'm trying. boy am i every trying at times. just ask dh
  3. damn yer not on. your not showing up in my friends list on facebook at all. and i tried a few other sc'ers and i still can't find you. i think maybe your privacy settings were changed and that's how come ppl are missing. do a search by my name, there's only one arleen skidmore in ns.
  4. OH MY GOSH... I was shocked to get a note from you in PS - went looking for you but couldn't find Tom anywhere. Are you back to play or were you just visitin'???? Please send me a f/r in Facebook..... hugs hugs hugs, Mary
  5. Have a wonderful day - Happy Canada Day
  6. Too funny and yes it make me laugh!!
  7. wait for it...

  8. as soon as i opened the box, i put the socks straight on my feet. and so glad i did, i came down with chills all pm and least my toes were warm! on my page, the pink font is the only color that would show up at all on that background. smb calls it a pornsite... but if you wanna read something just highlight it with the mouse turns white

    i was definitely surprised. even more so that the mail man actually rang my bell and didn't just leave it on the door. i woulda been wild!!
  9. I'm so glad you guys liked it - I wanted you to be surprised; it's so nice to get something in the mail other than bills huh? The wooden box was handmade by a local crafter in Windsor and I'm happy that you can find some use for it. Just a little something for each of you!! Happy Easter!! - btw; nice design on this page but can't read anything lol

  10. thank you so much! ryanloved the candies, but i wasn't expecting anything!!! OMG that box is perfect for me!!! i donno yet what i'm going to put in it, but i love wooden handpainted things. i was just glad u could use the coupons! holy crow chickey! and when ryan seen all those stamps, he went nuts!! (luvs stamps) and blair can use the gum! he hasn't quit yet but he has been at least supplementing his habit

  11. *sigh* he finally got off his a$$ and went and got her 1 can of food.
  12. Good Mornin' Sunshine... Thanks for the "keep Misty alive and well" info. Played Winster and now off to Bingo on FB.
    Don't forget the cake recipe when you have a minute!!
    Have a great day.
  13. if your pet is dirty enough (don't use the soap), it'll make poop if you feed it donuts and meatballs (according to pf). ds finds cappuchino works well.

    then you can give it as gifts (send # of gifts get a tropy). or like rebel is doing regift it. you can also sell it. (1gp).
  14. LOL you really do make my day!! Will ship whenever I can get out once it stops snowing. Have an awesome day!
  15. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  17. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.
  18. absolutely! i think everyone is a bit nervous about posting. wait til the disturber comes out in me. so far i've been feeding her cookies to keep her quiet.

    i'll be around but not posting, til i see where all this is going.

    fyi those contest links are:

    those dang 'mericans! the only ones that can win the contest, so spare extra votes for our friends to the south! armh11699 rebate queen festive salsadawn H.

    these are the fake 'mericans. aka, canucks: armh11699 love2save love2save LOVE2SAVE LOVE2SAVE puddin57 puddin57 (same link) linaka54 amycrows memew ONmomofthree ONmomofthree (she's trying to make us drool) fast n furious appleby APPLEBY APPLEBY NOT FOUND APPLEBY NOT FOUND APPLEBY NOT FOUND puddin57 firefly kekes kekes kekes *sigh* kekes smb127 wendigirl (if it doesn't work blame her) not working zoodle (how does she find time with all the poodles?) AKA Cheran F. leftie (fellow bluenoser) SPOONY woeisme (new member, WELCOME!) rebilinu (new member, WELCOME!) NOT found
  19. Allo Allo Allo...
    I'm too scared to post anywhere now so can you let me know what the Contest links were so I can vote? Many thanks!!
  20. Although Puff the Magic Dragon is cute, I miss your tail swinging cat in your posts!
  21. i hope this is not one of those "access denied" greetings i've been sending lately.
  22. ROFL! don't ya know it! hopefully july 8th, i can finally get rid of those bricks!
  23. got your rep post. and to thank you...

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