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  1. Aph said I got good drugs and dont wantta share cause your on the wagon and she aint.
  2. sounds fun. We went to daves parents on christmas. We played with the 3 great nieces alot. Which was fun. Then the boys went to their gfs house and we just sat here. I cant bend much so my house looks like crap. lol.
  3. xmas was pretty good. i'm just having one helluva time with this computer. going to check firefox settings. (mie is working better but superslow), and then run a full system check while i play RISK with ryan.

    omg we had such a long game of it last night. and din't the bugger beat us both? but when he loses control of a content, omg. he could just cry!

    like a spoiled napolean.
  4. lmao too cute NS. Lurv ya honey I hope you have a helluva xmas. I was gonna send you apic but got busy. and I cant seem to get them uploaded.
  5. as we say in canada:

    hope you have a wonderful xmas!
  6. how about...cause i won't be on, see if she's on, and get her email to send it? she works in gov't don't she? maybe that's why the fax is always busy.

    that dr better give me something. GRRR.
  7. give me about 10- 15 min and I will have it scanned and emailed. Want me to email to you or her? I got your email addy but not hers. I am on yahoo or I can pm ya with info if you rather
  8. do you have a scanner chickey? if so can you scan that cow pattern for smb? i tried 4 x to fax her and keeps saying no answer/busy. and my fax machine sucks. i thought it's supposed to hold the damn info in memory. not doing it for me.
  9. omg that is so hilarious. TY for sharing that one with me.
  10. you gonna get 2 more notifications now PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPffffffffffth
  11. why would a visitor msg you poste be stuck in your notivications? wtf??
  12. This message is stuck in my notifications lmao. Seeing if replying will take it off.
  13. still having hard time with it myself. It was horrid. TY for your thoughts.
  14. ok. Hope you feel better soon.
  15. I am here and on yahoo. I am trying to catch upon stuff. Still havent entered words ugh. I hate not having my computer. Rent a center has a nice one for way more than I could afford a month lmao.
  16. am so glad the kids are okay. was worried sick! i thought they were still lost. scary stuff. i'm trying to catch up on all the posts..i' hope i'm almost back where i left off at.
  17. sorry, i haven't been on all day. was in bed after lunch til suppertime. no that's a lie..i was online to grab son's h/w..

    i'm on now. where u?
  18. I am online if you want to talk to me.

  19. thanks for helping me with that crap!
  20. why did ya leave messenger?
  21. LOL. i thought it was cute.
  22. Thats classic. I love it.
  23. lol. Ty for explaining the voting thing to me. I got confused there for a bit.
  24. LOL, no i did not know i was broken. I knew i wasn't perfect..but who needs to be when you got my back
  25. your last coupon for yougurt something wouldn't print. will check out the new link later...gotta get ryan onto his homework, and i got a zillion things to remember to do tonite.
  26. do you have a printer? I found a free but its not letting me email it to you. was gonna send it in pm
  27. Thats okay I pictured you with reddish brown curly hair. I dunno why lol. I think you even told me you have dark hair.
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