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  1. lol, my screen cut of part of that link so it read as http:/blahblah horror...

    instead of homeschooling which is waht i assume it was. donno if i been to that one or not, but i will definitely check it out. prolly 2morrow when they are at church.

    soemtimes u get overwhelmed with too much info, that you can't sort it out. so i'm taking abreak. school sent home a huge homework package which i assume is for the whole month.

    so we've been playing catch up

    thing is tho.

    looks like he's going to have nothing to do by mid next week. i'll be emailing for more work, and they'll tell us we're going thru it too fast. so maybe i'll ask for some "extra sheets" on the current subject for "extra practice". if not, i'm sure i have some around here, or that i can google.

    supposed to talk to principal tues, we'll see how it goes.
    perfect timing too. i have the parenting course monday. wait til they learn i had to pull him out of school due to lack of cooperation!
  2. I would think that is what it means. That would be so great, you could get him schooled and be able to do it when it was a good time for it. that way if he had an off day who cares!!

    Good luck.
  3. it would really suck if he went on that trip and they couldn't handle him properly. would suck for everyone! i have 0 confidence in them, and have totally decided to homeschool for next year. and if i don't get results by monday, i'll be finishing off this year too if i'm allowed.

    i don't mind, what else have i got to do. and according to the webiste, in grade 7 it's a correspondence course. now doesn't that mean they send the materials out???
  4. We are going to be in Quebec, the maple syrup is on sale at the stores there. the stuff you pore over the snow. I bought it the last time I was there I have been asked to bring some back here. Maybe I'll mail you some. LOL

  5. ryan doesn't exactly collect pins, well, he would if he had some. he got a bunch form sending in a letter to the US that i found on sc. he put them all over a tshirt (OUCH). so i'm sure he would luv a quebec one that's awesome u thought of him. am going (hopefully) to maple syrup festival. but i dont' think the candy travels well..but we'll see..maybe your book will be in by then.
  6. A pin should be easy, Edwin collets them.

    So I gather Ryan collects Pins?? I will go though my stuff and see I have have some doubles left of the ones I gave to Edwin. I got a ton from the different provinces one year, I gave lots away, but will check to see if there are any left.
  7. I passed the message along. ryan said he would love a pin. I have to get this kid to start writing, he owes rebate queens daughter a note.
  8. Woo Hoo! Thanks so much for ordering it for me.

    I knew that Edwins toy would come in when we were on vacation. I just had that feeling. It has been so long now that I thinkhe forgot about it. LOL

    So we are going to be near Quebec city for next week, is there anything you think Ryan would like? I thought Gwen could send him something. Let me know.
  9. i got the confirm that it has been shipped! have to pick it up at my mom's tho, it's in ds's acct her addy.
  10. I am still waiting for Edwin All Sport Buddy and that ordered on the 4th of Feb!! I figure it will come on March break while we are gone. LOL.
  11. i still haven't rec'd that book yet chickey i got the confirmation it was ordered. but they usually send one when it's shipped too right? no word on that yet. i'm also waiting for a walk dvd...ugh
  12. he owed me so much $$$ in reviews, that i said i wanted something unique that nobuddy else has in lieu of pymt. so he said, you want the ability to upload ? lmao. so we agreed on unlimited rep (if i would visit other threads too), to make ppl feel good. but i don't think he has gotten on it yet. but he did pay me for my reviews. almost woulda rathered the rep thing.

    so that's why your o comment was so damn funny
  13. You mean to say Boo was going to let upload o?? LOL
  14. i'm good! am just..michievious

    and i'm still laffing my fooking head off over the prono site thing

    i think gale, would APPROVE!
  15. re viitor post: ROFLMAO

    maybe that's why boo ask me if for something unique, i wanted the ability to upload images...
  16. u can always come for dinner, but i am leaving their undies strewn about the house. i am not picking up after a pretten and an almost senior no more.
  17. OMG this page if almost like PRONO!! LOL
  18. SHUDDUP:p
  19. I hate winter, so therefore I hate winter spots and hockey is a winter sport. LOL I just don't like all the running around that I will have to do. There is no way one parent can bring both kids to all the games, which means that I will be running on my off weekend too!

    By the time the kids leave the house I will be using a walker!! I don't want no old guy to date, I want some sweet young hunk!! I so need to get you know what NOW!!!!!!! I am turning into a grumpy old lady. LOL
  20. i think it ROCKS that your DD wants to play hockey. let her go for it! when they grow up and leave the house, then we'll take you to a bar, get you drunk and hook u up with someone.
  21. I need to do my taxes. I have most of my info, so I could get started, but then I would know what my refund is an would be POed that I don't have all my slips yet.

    Ya, I said that the one pair of laces would fit on her skates and she says "I think I'll put them on my hockey skates".. LOL She is not letting up on the hockey. It is the only thing the EX and I agree on, we don't really want her to play hockey. Of course if she keeps it up, she will talk him in to it. There goes what is left of my weekends!!
  22. am glad therer are diff sizes laces in that pkg. she'd look so kewl with them on her skates glad she liked it. man i have not been off this thing. well, just to load the dishwasher, is it suppertime yet? i am so bored. and i wants me damn refund.
  23. No the ege coupons. LOL
  24. the last 2 airfresheners? hell no, but my mom did
  25. And I am the Hot to Trot Fox !! LOL
  26. not me! hubby is old. I'm one HOT FOX. tyvm
  27. LOL, that would be why I didn't get it. LOL

    Thanks anyway for trying. Damn fax works just about as well as the rest of us government people. LOL
  28. i can't get that fax to go thru. grr. can u pm seek your email, she can scan it and send it to you. she has same pattern (american vers). i won't be on tonight but hopefully seek will be.
  29. i was gonna call u lazy, but i can't find the one tick made me. and i know it's here..has to be..
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