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  1. Hi Hun! How are you!? I'm good, thanks. Thanks for thinking of me for the coupon. When does it expire? Thanks again!!
    - Ashley
  2. how are you? i have $12.50 for any 42 or 70 count carton of immunity-fx, do you want it? thanks....
  3. Hi!!
    Thanks, that's so sweet of you!! Thanks for thinking of me. Happy Mother's Day to you too!! Hope you're having a great week!!!
  4. hi ashley.... how are you doing? hope everything is well.. just passed by and say hello and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY... take care and have a great day...!
  5. You're welcome! Hope you get to use them and if not, just trade/give them away. Have a great rest of the week!!
    - Ashley
  6. Thanks... got a bundle of coupons today... take care....
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