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  1. Nah... as he gets older... he'll be guzzling more and more formula!! By the time my lil' guy was almost done.. a large can would only last 3 or 4 days! Way to go on the great deals!! As for the diapers... tape the receipt to the box (if possible) then.. if you have to return a couple a boxes for a bigger size, the stores won't give you a hassle! (That's what I did, anyway... and they have since changes the packaging on the Pampers... so I got a little bit of a hassle!) haha Thanks for your post and WELCOME to Smart Canucks!
  2. Heh. Before our little guy was born, I had put in a strict 'buy nothing' policy. Was kinda afraid of jinxing it. Buy too much stuff, get all ready, then something bad will happen. Only thing we had in advance was a car seat. Wife had lots of stuff already from a previous pregnancy that she had lost years ago. As it happened, he was 2 months early, and stayed in the hospital for most of that 2 months, so by the time he came home, we had lots of stuff. I severely overestimated the amount of diapers he'd be using though. Even with my current stash of size 3, 4, and 5, kinda wondering about if he'll use them all. Of course, then I turn around and do the same darn thing with formula (well, maybe). They had the stuff on awesome sale at RCSS last week, bought TONS of it (yes, checked the expiry dates, all LONG term). Now I'm wondering if he'll be out of using formula before we actually run out
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