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  1. Hello!!
    Just wanted to pop in and say hi and hows it going?
    things have been going GREAT for us lately, hubby got a new job at Loblaw warehouse and we found out that i am pregnant with baby #3
    and i am now updating my tradelist so i can get back to couponing

    hope things are good at your end
  2. OMG, don't even worry about trades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So sorry to hear about your nephew, so sad And your cousin, too young to die!!!!!! Stay in touch
  3. yes everything is ok.. just been really busy lately. going to hospital and funerals my newborn nephew died in July and now my 21 year old cousin died of cancer last night.. ive been busy with family and friends.. and the little ones..
    wich is why i have been slacking off on here abit.. if you still want to trade u can send me ur wishlist and i can take a look and see what i have
  4. Is everything ok? I was going to propose a trade but I'm seeing a lot of expired coupons Guess you haven't been worrying with coupons recently.
  5. Hi there How are you??? We haven't done a trade in a really long time!!!!! We'll have to remedy that soon
  6. All the best in 2010 I would have posted a picture but don't know how
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