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  1. merry christmas!

  2. happy birthday!

  3. happy easter!

  4. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  5. happy new year!

    health and peace to you and yours!

  6. happy st patrick's day! hope you find your pot of gold!
  7. i've had enough of summer365 here. i actually haven't been doing a lot on pn. is she causing trouble there too?
    wonder who's sending her rep?!!!! sure isn't me!
    hey! i just noticed you're not on my friends list.... sending you a 'friend request'
  8. some of the arguing, here, has made me avoid the place...lurked....I think Summer365 is beginning to cause undo friction here and PN..
  9. nice to see you back!
  10. Yes, my avatar is doing the searching for me...looking for a spot to post...
  11. thanks, well, keep your eyes open... there are opportunities abounding!
  12. Contributing when and where I can...
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