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  1. Thanks!! Hey, I was reading the Canadian Freebies forum and saw that today (may5th) they are giving away FREE mascara at Clinique or Sephora or something like that. Immediately thought of you, wondered if youd seen that deal yet? Its funny how Ive never ever met you, dont even know your name, yet whenever I read about makeup deals on smartcanucks, my brain automatically conjures up your picture!!
  2. Awesome first haul!
  3. Thanks girl! Yes I did, and I fully cant wait to look for OPI clearance bargains at SDM and Walmart! I THINK Ive seen OPI at walmart??
  4. Hey Heather, hope you receive this month's red plum coupon inserts in your flyers. There's a $1.00 off coupon for Nicole by OPI nailpolish. That will go great with any clearance nailpolish at SDM!

    All the best!
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