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  1. No Frills~Fort Sask~$1.00 ice cream Creamsicle 12 X 60ml (orange,raspberry and blueberry)
    and mini Fudgsicle 14 X 35ml

    Both kinds are $1.00 a box
  2. Hi Pameth, I try and go after the weekend. Hopefully the delivery people have dropped their extras by then. Usually Sunday night or even on the Monday @ night. If I happen to get extras I'll drop some in your mail box. You didn't get copies in your fort Record (I did). Maybe we'll run into each other @ the recycle station, lol.
  3. Hi Georgina

    You told me that you go to the recycle depot to look for inserts. When is the best time to go? I need some. My paper and my other sources did not have any.

  4. Hi Pameth, thanks again for the trade, glad you made good use of the coupons and were able to get more pins for the stouffer's rewards before it expires
  5. I just went through the coupons. Thank you so much for all the Stouffers coupons. I'm going to be able to get the Saute Sensations for 99cents and get enough pins for another round of stouffers rewards!
  6. Pameth, thanks for the tip, went to NF today. Bought the 24pk of dr.pepper and didn't get charged deposit, that's $2.40!!! Good for us.
  7. Thanks for the offer. I'm all sotcked up now. The Dr. Pepper cubes are still 5.97 at NF. I get on each time I go.
  8. Noticed you were interested in the Buy 2 get $2 off Dr. Pepper 6X710 ml peelies.
    are you still, I haves some
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