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  1. So he never did figure it out. Even after he got home and saw it it took a minute haha. I cant believe your mom opened the ones you got before! How'd that one go over? Haha
  2. LMAO That would be too funny. The people he works with wont let him forget it. I emailed them last night so lets hope I get a responds. I dont think he'll guess what it is. Really how many people assume you get this thru the mail LOL I got some a few years ago.My mom opened the envi (at the post office - she delivers the RR mail) should have seen her face LMAO The ladies at the post office always remind me.
  3. Thanks for the rep! The only hint I gave him is that he cant eat it haha He's still at work for the next three hours so maybe he'll figure it out. It would be funny if he shows it to other people to ask them what it is! It took about 5 weeks to come, hope you get some too!
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