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  1. Thanks for the rep - Hope you're having a good summer!
  2. That's great Pennywise!!
  3. Thanks again for the post re: the rain barrels. After some dialing and re-dialing, I was able to get one this AM!
  4. Your welcome If you're trying, good luck. I hope I get one, I think these things are wonderful.
  5. Can't rep you yet... but thanks for your post about the rain barrels
  6. Hi Penny
    Thanks for the reppie!. Our local contingent seems a little shy about posting stuff, no? (it seems to me anyway...)
    Isn't it wonderful all the roads are clear now? Man that was quite a dump of snow last weekend. I got stuck grrrrr.
    And brrrrr baby it's cold outside!
    Have a good week
  7. Hope Santa was good to you Dee! (If not, there's lots of Boxing Day sales... lol!)
  8. Warm wishes to you and yours this holiday season Pennywise
  9. Got my mag, too - it's actually pretty good! Still unpacking from our move - we have out of town visitors this week-end and the inlaws the next. Still such a mess! Hope to be back on here regularly soon!
  10. Got my first Best Health free trial mag Friday! thanks again Penny
    Hope your summer is going nicely
  11. Thanks for the rep, Dee. Love the profile pic, BTW!
  12. Thanks for the rep Penny! Have a good week!
  13. Thanks for the rep!
  14. Cheers! Hopefully it will warm up soon!!
  15. Seasons Greetings Pennywise!
  16. Thanks for the rep
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