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  1. Just checking on you--hope everything is going well & wondering how things are with Shaun. Hugs to you!!
  2. Hi Tina,
    Was just posting a message on Star's page & happened to read about Shaun. I can't believe he was not checked closer when he was taken to the hospital. What few times I have been in the emergency room here, nurses & drs. tend to freak out if someone is brought in with chest pains & they are given priority over others which should be. Hope everything checks out for him, keep us posted. ((((((( hugs )))))))))

    btw love the new pic!!
  3. Good to hear from you, sorry to hear of your problems, hope things are better for your soon. hope your hubby is doing better.
  4. hugssssssssssssssss....just popped in quickly to say hello to everyone
  5. Miss you--hope all is well
  6. So sorry for your loss--you are in my prayers.
  7. Sounds like you have a full plate right now. The job search is slow going. Only jobs here are in the medical or accounting field, which unfortunately I do not have any background in either one. I have good days and a few bad days every now and then, but thank goodness I have a very supportive husband. I have really leaned on him a lot lately. Sorry to hear about your friends. I know you are enjoying spending time with your little nephew--they grow up so fast. Take care.
  8. Awwww thanks hun...missing you too Just been busy with life and playing games over on Facebook! Just needed to take a break I'm never too far though! Nice to see you! How is the "job front" coming along? How are things with you? I have also been spending time with a friend that just relocated here after being gone for years. She's someone I went to school with and is only 41 but was just put in an "old folks home" and she is soooo young to be there but she apparently has a VERY agressive form of MS of the brain...Have visited with her 3 times this week. Also spent some time with my sister and her b/f & my baby nephew and one of my co-workers is gravely ill...just a lot going on that makes my mind work...had a doctor's appointment this week so working on building a better sleep pattern. Also, Shaun and I started walking again
  9. Awwwwww thanks so much Hugs!! He's a real sweetie
  10. Thanks for all the hugs. Your nephew's pictures are adorable.
  11. You are very welcome. Hope things are going a little better...
  12. Thanks for all the hugs.
  13. Thanks so much Tina, I'm trying really hard to stay positive, jobs are really hard to come by here so many people are getting laid off or companies have a freeze on hiring. Hoping something will open up really soon. My husband John has been a real sweetheart during these times, very blessed to have a good one. Hope you have had a good day celebrating.
  14. Thank you so much! Happy Valentine's Day for you as well. Hope things are getting a bit better for you guys. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...
  15. Happy Anniversary & Valentine's Day--hope you have a wonderful day!!
  16. Thanks for all the rep, just haven't felt like talking. I've had a great support system from family & friends. Sorry to hear about your friend, but sounds like he is a fighter--hope he continues to improve.
  17. Huge hugs to you! Please know that I am sending positive vibes and you and your family will be kept in our thoughts and prayers. Hoping things will get better for you soon. I was wondering where you were and was about to post that yesterday when something came up and I was "distracted" briefly and then had to leave for work

  18. Thanks for the compliment on Sawyer He is a cutie I adore him so much! Hugsss!
  19. Tina,
    Sawyer is a cutie, glad you had a nice visit.
  20. Thanks for the kind thoughts, there have been many stories shared about the co-worker that was killed & I guess that is a way of healing. The funeral was tough, especially seeing his Dad, he is really taking it hard.

    Hope things are better for you.
  21. Thanks for the hugggss, hope your problems are getting better. Have a good evening.
  22. Tina,

    Sorry you are having such problems. Will keep you & your family in prayer.
  23. Thanks so much for the rep
  24. You are very welcome, keep us posted
  25. Thank you so much for keeping the family in your thoughts and prayers. There were no changes in her today But, atleast it didn't get worse either...thanks again....
  26. So sorry to hear about your client's wife. Glad you were there to help him, sure it must have been very frightening for him. Will remember that family in prayer.
  27. Thanks so much for the kind words and thanks for the rep! Have a great evening!
  28. Thanks for the rep
  29. Thanks for the rep
  30. You are welcome, thanks for the word!! Have a great evening!
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