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  1. Hi,
    may i know exact location of stores near african lion safari or niagra falls if u know,i dont know much abt canada stores.
  2. Hi,
    may i know what are the locations whr i can purchase the kelloggs pass other than the real superstore as i live in buffalo ny and i am going to visit african lion safari tommorrow and if i can get them on my way or closest location,it will be easy for me and i dont know abt the canada stores please help me in that.
  3. Hi,
    saw ur posting,i was looking for african lion sari pass but was not able to get it,as u mention that u have kellogs passi have entire list of coupons of niagra falls n marineland,if u like i can send it to you as we are planning to visit safari this weekend,could u please send me the kellog's pass.
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