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  1. My excuse? When you google maps my address, it shows you a church. That church isn't even close to where I live, so it's funny.

    One of my now best friends was a 'stranger' when we became friends. We both posted on this scam, and we got to talking about it and we're super close. So I guess it depends who you talk to, but the crazies definitely outweigh the normal people lol
  2. Ya I would have a secondary fb for sure if I had something like that haha I dont like "strangers" looking at pictures of my kids or reading where I am when i post haha
  3. Ohh! Yeah makes sense. I have a tonne of people I don't know because of our Scensy business. You go to a show and when you get home you have 15+ friend requests. It gets a little much when I talk about something personal (Like, my friend was driving the other night and stopped fast, and I got hurt, so I was laughing at her) and they 'like' it, and I realize I have them on my friends list! lol
  4. My FB is real, I just dont use my real name... My friends know who I am haha I dont want creepers or my bf's Ex's to search me lol. I also only have my real "friends" or people I actually associated with in high school or past places I worked... i still will never understand why people need "4000" friends. Its just more scrolling through news feed to read stuff people posted about that I actually care about lol... OOH good ol' facebook...
  5. Thanks for the rep

    I have a fake FB, but I just use it for contests that i'm usually not allowed to participate in (My 'fake' FB is over 18! LOL)
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