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  1. Just woke up (it's summer vacation!) And read your pm. Will talk to you later (in detail). You missed out big time!
    You could've taken 2 days off work and make more money in sdm world...if you know what i mean! If not, i'll explain it in pm.

    BTW, a lot of people were wondering about you when you were gone. They sense your absence in our thread.
  2. Hey you!

    Well, the Shopper Optimum (RBC) credit card is only an option.. IF you use it only for shoppers purchases, and always pay it off completely each and every month. Which so far I have managed to do successfully.

    Basically all it amounts to is.. 15 points per dollar spent on everything at shoppers drug mart.. That would include everything you normally woudn't get points on including prescriptions etc... so if you spent 250 dollars a month at shoppers, you would recieve 3750 bonus points extra.

    These Credit card points are only added to your account once per month. :cheers:

    Load $55 on gift card,
    buy $50.00 worth of groceries,
    present my coupon of 15000 pts when you shop $50.00.
  3. Hi Poobah!

    It's only because of you that i am thinking about applyin for rbc optimum points mastercard. But i can't wrap my head around it's best possiibility of collecting optimum points.
    can you tell me how many points will i get if i use rbc optimum mastercard for this transaction:

    Load $55 on gift card,
    buy $50.00 worth of groceries,
    present my coupon of 15000 pts when you shop $50.00.

    hopefully your calculation is good enough to entice me to apply for this mastercard.
  4. Thanks for the rep. But you wouldnt have given me the rep had you read my new brag about my ps4 deal. I am telling you...... there is some serious discussion going on against you. Lol
  5. Hi poobah!

    i did get an hp laptop. It was a present for my brother and he was leaving for toronto today. So we literally bought the laptop 1.5 hrs before his flight. Whew!

    i'll call him and tell him to clean the laptop. I didnt get a chance to use that laptop but he knows computer stuff a lot more than i know.

    i posted my best deal in the "canadian deals and discussion" forum under "what is your best deal today?". I managed to spend $366.xx and got back 71k something points. Happy sdm'ing to us. Lol
  6. I notice you posted a message to Luckbealady...

    Which ever laptop you do decide, It will most definitely need to be cleaning. Most laptops come loaded with so much junk / ad-aware software that it literally can drop the performance of the laptop in half. It's there attempt to try and get the buyer of the laptop to go ahead and buy a whole bunch of other stuff they don't need.

    Easier said then done if your not sure what your looking for I guess.

  7. how about you? Did you buy your Laptop?
  8. Wow. The mastercard points combined with optimum card sound awesome. Have a nice and smooth 20x day!
  9. Thank you for the Rep!

    But it's even better... I always preload my Gift card with my MasterCard first. So that's 25 * 450 = 11250 + 90000 = 101250 Woot!

    I just called and had them put the Galaxy Tablet and PS4 aside for my kids. They will be so stoked. lol
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