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  1. Best wishes this holiday season popasmurf!
  2. Hi, yea I think I heard something about those trips on 97.3, thats great. Chum FM has been giving you a chance to be the 25th caller every hour on the hour to get in on a daily trip to Bahamas, but I haven't been able to get through, getting pretty tired of it. The music on that station is horrible. I only tune it right on the hour for that. At least the Q is consistent and now 97.3 is good. Take care popa!
  3. they said something about giving away trips next week. it sounds a bit tinny to me could b the crap sound system in my truck. i think the afternoon show on Q may b a bye bye 4 a while. miss wilder drives me nuts
  4. Wow, 36 years thats great. and a childhood sweetheart! Thats really nice. I just asked because a lot of people may be married for a lot of years, but it doesn't always mean they are happy. I'm glad you are one that is! Enjoy your night!
  5. sure where. bin married 31 years we started going out 36yrs ago
  6. i won't b in on it. if u try good luck
  7. well all i can say is good luck
  8. thank you and welcome
  9. got a million left maybe give it whirl
  10. well its 0830 going to check it out now .see if its posted yet.good luck 2 you
  11. u to if i don""t win let me know if you do good luck
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