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  2. lol thanks for adding me on facebook, lol took me a bit to figure out who you were. So hard with all the names but the picture on your page kept bugging me I knew I'd seen it. Finally remembered. Now I have 2 others to get figured out. Actually one I don't think I know think she just added me said she had no friends on pet society so am glad she did.
  3. Thanks had a really nice xmas with both my kids home and new years was quiet but nice, hope yours were nice too. WTG on quitting smoking and good luck. I used to practically chain smoke while on the computer but when we bought a brand new home we didn't want it stunk upu so started smoking outside, sure cut down that way! Then last summer bought a new car and decided we wanted it kept smoke free too. Gets a bit nerve racking on trips but I'm getting better and hope to quit soon too. Planned on it as soon as my flex med card was reloaded in january but with having to take so many pain meds right now it would be really hard so waiting until my hip and ribs get better then going to get a pill that is supposed to help. The one I want my insurance won't pay for but can get one that is also prescribed for depression and the dr will give me a script for that so that the insurance will pay for it and I can get the copay on my flex card. This is a really great site especially the pnp thread belonged to another site also but in my search for words found myself really drawn to this site still belong to the other one but isn't nearly as much fun nor are the people as nice.
  4. Awww thx for noticing I was not around. I quit smoking two months ago and have been finding that being off the computer was easier than being on. So until recently other than at work I have not been here. It is nice to be back though. Everyone here is so nice and supportive of eachother. Hope that your xmas and new year's were enjoyable.
  5. Awww I tried to give you some rep and it would not let me. Thank you very much for the Thanksgiving wishes. I hope that you have a very nice weekend as well.
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