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  1. Thank you! Our little man is such a joy to have! I am starting to get back into the swing on things now...took a little bit though to recover! I will be sure to bring him to a swap so that you can meet him!!
  2. congrats hope your and the baby are doing great take care
  3. need your last name kate ll mail it tommorow
  4. Oh my goodness, you are a sweet heart! My address is :

    7 Estelle avenue
    Bedford, ns
    B4b 1h9

    My mom actually picked up a little something when she was in the states for you as a thank you. She has been stocking up on puppy food!! She is coming over up to Halifax to help decorate the nursery so I will get it then. I can bring it to the next meet if you plan on going!
  5. hey its me ponies I have some-more coupons for dog food and some baby things if you would like them I will mail it to you i need the address i deleted our conversation so I dont have it anymore talk soon have a good day
  6. sent me your address i will mail your coupons today
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