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  1. For sure I would love to see the little guy. [email protected]. How are things going? Are you on Facebook we have a little group of us local girls on there and we're planning a trip to Truro on the 25th. We're having a stacking meet on the 20th at 7:00 at the Tantallon Sobeys.
  2. Hey Hun, you should send along your email and I can send some pictures of my little monster.
  3. That sounds like fun! I will need to get out of the house by then I am sure
  4. Hey Kate

    Hope everything is great with the new baby....We are doing a trade/swap at Tantallon Sobey's Tuesday May 29th at 7:00pm it's just a few local girls. Hope to see you there.
  5. Thank you! I am just starting to feel human again! Time to get back to couponing. Got lots of things I need to stock up on now
  6. Congrats!!! Welcome to the world little Noah. Glad to here you and the baby are doing good....Sandy Messaged me you had the baby.
  7. Sunday would work for me I believe!
  8. Now I'm thinking she may want to do it Sunday would this still work for you?
  9. We were thinking Sat sometime...waiting to hear from a friend who works backshift this week..
  10. That sounds like fun! What day were you guys thinking of getting together?
  11. Hey Kate

    I meet you at the swap at the SS....I was will Sandi/Murdocae....we were thinking of getting together this week sometime to do some swapping/trading...would you be interested? we'd probably meet at SS or Timmie's Tantallon
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