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  1. I hear you Rayona

    Like I understand Shoppers had those little bath, face, hair packets on clear out for .25cents & like I bought a bunch for my girls for Christmas & thought I did good at $1.29 on sale. Timing is everything!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, I just noticed & read today...I'm still just getting the hang of this site....good thing you hadn't been expecting a response, lol. Doesn't it just make you crazy when you pay full price for something then you discover it at a better price eleswhere, and worst for you as you had held out as long as you could, lol.

    Have a pleasant day,
  3. Hello Rayray

    It was at Mohawk & Up.Sherman. It was a floor display as soon as you go in the store near the restaurant. Maybe they couldn't get the other brands in their flyer & had to substitude...I don't know. Sad thing was I just paid $6.99 for the jumbo box at Food Basics because I check the flyers & no one had cheerios on. Then I went to Zellers & see this a few days later. So I grabbed a few, especially with the orange juice deal. And yes there is more cheerios in there regular area at that $3.49 price, maybe that is a different size. Deb
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