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  1. I am dieing to get back to Mexico soon! aaahhhh, yes I need a vacation!

    I am still finding my way around and had some old timers explain the rep stuff on one of the casual chit chat threads. In general I find SC a bit harder to navigate and understand the ins and outs than other forums. But once you do, they are fun extras.

    I get really excited when my description changes from Loonie, Toonie etc, I am a Frosh Canuck now whatever that means.

    Here is a link about reps.

    You can give a rep to anyone by finding a post they have made and clicking the rep button (6 pointed star) in the bottom left of their post. If you get a rep there is no direct way to reply or return a rep. You have to go to their profile and post a visitor message or send a private message. Or go to one fo their recent posts and thank them by giving them a rep too! Its like a nice pat on the back.
  2. vw_girl thanks for the msg but I can't figure out how to respond back to it directly! I think you've just taught me something new re: Smart canucks website on the reputation ranking. Off to the Caribbean beginning of March! I think my new hat would be perfect for you to wear in Nashville too!
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