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  1. Oh well... Not to worry.... For some reason they do not choose me. I don;t take it personally.... lol Thank you veyr much for the sentiment. I apprecaite it!
  2. Thank you for this note my friend. I can't imagine what you go through or have been... Do you have any siblings? I have 2 older bros and one is ill, the other toook off from everyone and we haven't a clue where he is...So it is like I am an only child... If you ever need or want to vent pm me.... I am a great listener...
  3. You are so welcome. I understand completely. My Mom died almost 4 years ago. She was my best friend. The day of her death is so difficult and Mother's Day almost cuts me down. I miss her so.
  4. Thank you so very much for the rep and remembering with me... It means a great deal to me.... Some of my friends in the real world think I am a bit nuts.... however I am who I am and I really miss my dad.... Have a good night and a fabulous Sunday!
  5. Thank you for the resp my friend! Wwork is keeping me from playing around in here!
    Oh well.. such is life! Hope your week is good to you!
  6. Happy Halloween my friend!!! I hope it has been an excellent one!
  7. I have been a Maxine fan for a loooong time! Soooo funny! I was really surprised that the creator was a man as well. He does a good job!! Have a great day!!
  8. I am so glad you like my Maxine posts... I have quite a few more...
    When I found out her creator is a man, I was quite surprised....
    Have a great Friday!
  9. Thank you for repping me! I appreciate them very much! I hope the rest of your week
    works out better than expected!
  10. Thanks for the rep....
    I too was brought to tears..... I suppose that means we are human!
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