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  1. Happy holidays to you and your friends and family
  2. Just wanted to send warm holiday wishes your way

    *tea cup clink* cheers AND those tarts look incredible
  3. Wow!! that's too cool~~ enjoy your "tea-picking" trip
  4. Hi Redear, thanks for the nice rep
    I know, love tea! These latest samples were fun to get in the mail. Apparently there is a Stash tea distributer here in Edmonton and they invited me to come down and pick up some samples!! Can't wait to check it out
  5. so sweet of you thanks for the rep!!
  6. Oh my, those do look goooood!!!
  7. I'm still learning and I've been here a year lol
    Welcome and have a great weekend
  8. i just noticed the "reputation" thingy.. haha you could tell i'm a newbie!! thank you so much!!
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