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  1. Thanks for the offer but no i dont.
  2. Just wondering if you do the "Lunchmate Club", I have a code from one.
  3. Was just re-reading through the Danone thread and it seems like you cant send anything in till after the Nov 6 court date? Im I getting this correct? If so could you maybe print out the forms for me? Im pretty sure I dont have any receipts to summit with it but I will check. Thanks
  4. Tried to message you back on fb not sure if it went through or not. We wont be making it this morning. After going to Trevors parents on Saturday i found out they wanted me to make a few things up for Thanksgiving this weekend so that pretty much finished up any cash i have till Friday.
  5. While sitting at my garage sale I went throught my coupons to remove all the sept 30th expires and I realized I should really go to the Pharmasave dbl coupon day! Plus I printed a bunch so I hope I do well. I will be at the Dewdney location first around 9 if you decide to come.

    Hey let me know if you are coming and I can print out that claim form for you that we talked about
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