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  1. Thank you so much for the reply and the info! I will definently be keeping that brand in mind! its the cheapest Ive come across! and they are so cute!
  2. Hello! Any questions feel free to ask I got mine from eBay, 12 covers and 24 inserts for $80 with free shipping! I would buy a couple of those packs (or a larger lot) and you should be set I like the one size pocket diapers, the covers are usually the expensive part. You only need to wash standard covers every 2-3 uses (unless they get poopy of course), but the Kawaii baby diapers I have are stuffed with inserts so I don't reuse the covers at all. I wash the diapers maybe twice/week. Usually less. They are pretty absorbent! I have never had a leak at night with them and today was blowout #3 in 6 months. I also use cloth wipes by mixing baby wash and water in a bucket. Good luck on TTC **baby dust**
  3. Hey me again lol, just hunting around online and I found this site, free shipping to Canada! on orders over $70!
    wow those are cheap! what am I missing? do I need a cover for it? and the inserts? Thanks for your help!
  4. Thanks for the info! will definently check that brand out! no babies here yet, but will be TTC our first next year sometime, but I am a planner lol, so I have been doing research on cloth diapers already.... did you buy yours online? how many diapers do you have? I have more questions but thats enough for tonight! lol
  5. Thanks for the rep We are using Kawaii Baby and Flip! one size Actually prefer the Kawaii baby, who knew cheaper could be better? I love love love my cloth!
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