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  1. Hello. I saw where you posted something about Humane society. I was on HSUS team on iwon but transferred to ASPCA Team awhile back. Both teams are top 10 but if either can get into at least 3rd place they win money that iwon pays to their charity and you can also start a new team for local but national has more chance of a win. You can go to and click team challenge. Scroll down to animals on National (left) side and click view all and click either ASPCA or HSUS and click view then click join now on either team. ASPCA was in 4th but lost some bigger players due to illness and fell back to 5th-6th. I think HSUS maybe in 4th now. Just a thought on ways to help those charities. Good luck. I have dogs and they are my life and sometimes I rescue strays and get them vetted & shots & get neutered or spayed then find homes for them.
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