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  1. sorry Spiritedside i accept my mistake. sorry to put you through this trouble. Thanks for your help.
  2. I have talked to SDM and points have now been transfered Rida. Please make next time you check your account number first. Getting these points back was a real hassle and now I'm afraid they are watching my account.
  3. I'm calling SDM tomorrow, you should have your points by tomrrow evening
  4. hi just wondering ,did my sdm card number worked for you. were you able to transfer points.
  5. Hi Spiritedside, sorry for the inconvinience this has caused my SDM card number is 859 253 577. sorry again.
  6. I've tried several times to transfer your points but the SDM website keeps telling me to check the account number. You are the only one this has happened too. Is this the correct account nuber 859252577? I've let Cyanne know about this problem and am waiting for a response.
  7. hi , i was in group 10, .any news on SDM event. have you got points from CYANNE.
  8. how old is your
    little one, mine is 7 weeks. your baby is so cute.
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