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  1. Hey! Good memory. No, I didn't end up doing the race. i have changed jobs and consequently have way less time for running. I want to get into it, but just haven't been motivated. Good for you for doing the 5K! Did you have fun?
  2. Hi Pouf - did you complete you Run for Retina? How did you do? I ran the 5km which was my first timed race so far.
  3. Awesome! I'm supposed to do the 1/2 on April 5 (I think that's the date)- it's the Run for Retina race, it's right in London. I did 9K yesterday outside with the RR, and it was BRUTAL. I'm pretty sure it was my worse run ever- super slushy, piles of snow= not fun! I figure, though, that when I run the actual race in April the conditions will be much nicer and all this training will really prepare me well!
  4. Yes I also like running outside except when it really is too cold. -21 then I perfer the indoor training. I just started the couch to 5 km and hoping to do 5 km race in the spring and 10 km for the fall. Where are you doing the 1/2 marathon?
  5. There is one at UWO, but I run outside with the Running Room. I'm a big believer in training outside, especially since I'm running a 1/2 marathon in the spring!
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