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  1. Part 2 of my July 7/17 message because I rambled past the word count limit. Scroll down to read the first part, please! ;-)
    (gah, I need to learn SC software sometime...)

    BUT...I try to emphasize there is NO PRESSURE to send anything. And, if people send me a coffee icon, that's equally amazing. It shows that they go a little out of their way to send me something they know I'd enjoy. It may not be a drinkable coffee, but the thought is there, and I can certainly live on some of the coffee icons, sometimes!

    Also...some of those coffee icons are so me, and I just love, love, love seeing them.

    (When I get migraines, and can't drink is really, really bad). you know more than you ever wanted to about me and my One True Love, Coffee (icons)! Have a great weekend!
  2. Part 1 of July 7/17 message: Read here first!

    Hey, rockco! I'm old school, too!

    Regarding the coffee icons...somehow, (I don't know how), SC people have figured out that I like coffee. (Maybe love it). Occasionally, in PM, folks have offered to buy me coffee via a Tims/Starbucks/etc gift card as a way of saying "thanks for posting flyers". I used to always decline, because to me paying the cost of a stamp $1 is not a good value when sending a gc. Later, as I thought about it some more, and the occasional offer/demand still came in, I made up my current signature...which has a Paypal link for people who really want to send me something. I've tried to make it non-demanding, leaving it entirely up to the viewer if they want to send a buck, or two. No pressure. (Shockingly, some people have sent enough to buy a bag of coffee, or two! Seriously keeps me in coffee for a month or two -- so, superhappy! A couple bucks gets me a McDonald's that's great, too!)
  3. Thanks for taking the time to send me a message. You make so much effort, every week, consistently, to get us the preview flyers, so you deserve the recognition & appreciation. It's unfortunate that this FORUM's editor (& attachment) system is always buggy and makes it frustrating. I keep document the issues, but doesn't seem to get resolved.

    BTW, I totally love your commentaries. Makes me feel like we're having a chat over coffee & just releasing our view of the day.

    Congrats on reach Top M status today. I still can't figure out what Top T & Top M mean, but it must be good.

    I'm old school and never use icons. What's the meaning of these coffee icons?
  4. Hi! Thanks for always expressing your appreciation for my flyer sneak's always nice to read. Sometimes I get, er, very annoyed by those that have reposted my pics elsewhere despite the many times I've requested this not be done. Rarely, I feel like it's just taken for granted I'll post pics, and some twit will make a comment about the crappy quality, which leads me to reconsider taking the time to upload....grrr. Then...I stumble across a particularly nice thing you've said, (or, a few others!), about how much they DO appreciate the sneak peaks and how it does save them some $$$. Well...reading that makes a BIG difference, and gives me the energy to post flyers for another month, or so. Thanks for the consistent re-invigorating "thanks for the flyers" posts...I'd send you a coffee icon if I could find one! LOL! Cheers, have a great week!
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