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  1. The Garnier Review post has been created as requested. I put it in the deals FORUM cause I believe there's more visibility there, but I know the Moderators will move it to the FREEBIES forum.
  2. @ rockco I dont know how to start a thread I know u are good at it a friend just share with me that at if u write a review for one of there product u will receive a free product coupon in the mail. so i just want to share it.Hope u dont mind me doing this if so PM ME hAVE A GREAT DAY

  3. Thanks very much for all the tip and help with the Noted deal
  4. At minimum, purchase a SDM gift with a any credit card, case you'll earn points on the SDM gift card (& credit card reward), and use the SDM gift card to make your purchases. Every extra points helps!
  5. Thank you very much was at RCSs this morning and was refuse the chicken wings because the only carry the split wings has to wait for the other sales person who usually PM at the meat counter . Didn't find the La grille micx in pouches only the rub. Thanks againbyou are always helpful
  6. Found La Grill Burger mix in the spice section at RCSS.
  7. Definitely will try the Flamingo spicy buffalo bites from GT. Thank you for your suggestion. I might be able to fit 1 more box... freezer is fully loaded with Flamingo!
  8. Happy New Year!
  9. Happy New Year. All the best for 2017. I learn a lot from you in planning my shopping always looking forward for your post and you are always helpful
  10. Thanks rockco for posting and answering everyone questions. Have an awesome weekend.
  11. You are always sharing some great deals. Have a great weekend
  12. Hi rockco thanks for letting me know that the salad is at oceans. You are always helpful and love to share. Have an awesome week
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