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  1. Thanks for the rep-hope all is good with you!
  2. Hey there, just catching up and I see you are not doing so great! Hope you are better and home soon-take care...
  3. Thank You...
  4. So sorry to hear about your aunt
  5. Howdy! I tried to respond with a thanks earlier but I kept getting forwarded to a weird error screen so I am thanking you here for the Branford info! THANKS!
  6. OK-OMG! I love that outside fireplace you built-the porch work is gorgeous too but that fireplace is the coolest thing ever! Amazing...
  7. Happy 50th - many many more!
  8. Thanks for the Christmas rep! Have a wonderful christmas and an awesome new year!!!!
  9. Thnx for the congratz on the new wheels!!! Have a great day!!!
  10. Hey there, I was jsut reading thru the Q thread and saw the pics of your car-very nice! Congrats, nothing like getting a new ride...
  11. thanks for the rep!
  12. Thanks Rockit-you are the best!
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