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  1. I'm good. How are you doing? Is surgery all finished?
  2. While i'm glad Happy made it in, it will be Go Jeff Go! at my place.
  3. 83 days 3 hours & 28 minutes, but who's counting
  4. 11 days 23 hours & 27 minutes till Daytona, but 4 days for the Bud Shootout.
  5. yes, quite the format change. could be interesting come chase time, especially if you suck in the 1st 3 chase races, you don't get to continue for the championship. it's all about winning now. finishing 2nd doesn't count.
  6. since they caught the disease in the early stages, black sabbath is still doing their new album starting in the US, then when tony is chemo scheduled, they'll all fly back to england & finish the album there. they still plan on touring, but not sure they'll do the full schedule. they're hoping tony will finish his chemo before the tour starts.
  7. enjoy your day, may your wishes come true.
  8. cool. when i tried later on & it' told me i was "keven" harvick. loved the spelling of kevin.
  9. I was Dale Earnhardt Jr.!!!
  10. what did you name come up as. i died laughing at mine.
    Your Nascar Name is :

    Jimmie Johnson

    they were right about the Hendricks camp. LOL
  11. good to hear, i'm so glad all is good.
  12. Thnx H team!!! Dads check up went good. They sprayed some nitro on top of his head for some little cancer spots and everything should be fine. Next check up in July.
  13. thnx H team!!! Can't remember if I wished ya a happy birthday or not so Happy belated Birthday!!! Hope ya had a great day!!!
  14. thanx rockit.
    have a great thursday
  15. thanx rockit. your support means a lot.
    congrats on your 4th blue heart.
  16. yes, that was you. lets see if we can't get you to 4 today.
  17. Was that me who did that! I saw you got yer 4th heart and got all excited 'cause I'm next in line I think!!! Congratz
  18. thanx rockit for my 4th blue heart.
  19. it's a good thing that it's only 2 1/2 months away. i'll be going thru withdrawal in the next 2 weeks. the grey cup is next weekend, then we'll have the nfl for a bit. super bowl is the weekend before the bud shoot out.
  20. thanx for the rep. 1 more week left & the play-offs start. who will stay & who will go?
  21. oh cool, that'll be fun. i never been to michigan. i was at homestead in 07. that was a blast. have a great day
  22. Comp is running great. Ya Indy race was good, Juan blew it again, two years in a row! I go to Michigan in 3 weeks WooHoo!!!
  23. thanx for the rep. how's the computer doing? still alive? what an indy race. it was montoya's to lose, but his team mate jamie won.
  24. GREAT! just in time for the indy on sunday.
    thanx for the rep
  25. thanx for the rep. just waiting for the race to start. it was a nice segment on earnhardt sr. the only other person i see getting the same team ovation & line up is when mark martin wins his daytona 500.
  26. thanx for the rep. thinking of you & your family. hope you have a great weekend. so far weather is good in new hampshire. hope it stays for tomorrow.
  27. so sorry for your loss.
  28. thanx for the rep. i see you got your lost word.
  29. absolutely, Nascar rules! & friends are the best
  30. Gotta have all the NASCAR fans as my friends!!
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