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  1. It's nice to see how much people save from the deals we post...being part of this group is so much fun....thanks again!!

  2. Thanks for the rep sandiecoop1!!

  3. Your Awesome and deserve the credit. I posted in the brag section and although at the end....its there...
    My husband did awesome brand and wanted to say thanks

    Quote "I know that I have already posted how he did it, but when I told him he said I left out the most important part. We were able to get the $50.00 optimum points because of a thread started by "baggypants" SC member. The deal was you get so many points if you buy a gas card. Well everyone needs gas, so he bought a ton, and the reward of that is the $50.00 Optimum Points. Thank you baggypants."
  4. Thanks for the rep sandiecoop1!!

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