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  1. and STILL obviously lied and never sent your end of the trade, if you weren't going to honor it, then why make such a huge deal about making it up to me, and then asking me if it arrived and that you were going to check with canada post...I told you to go right ahead as it will show I never received a thing if there was a tracking #, and you haven't been back on SC since...I am sorry but you were dishonest.
  2. I am still waiting.....
  3. did you go onto Canada Post to check on the status of my trade (your parcel)..just wondering because I haven't heard back from you after you asked me if I received it yet, I said no, and I suggested you look up the tracking has been almost a month now since you said you re-sent it...I have been more than patient and am afraid I am going to have to leave you negative feedback if it doesn't come this week.Sorry but I have waited 4 months already
  4. You didn't get the book???????????? Pm me with addie now please!!! On its way tommorow morning!!!!
  5. Hi Sandie, glad you are okay...I did not ever receive your end of the trade (your book as promised, autographed)...I never left you a negative feedback either, I was hoping you would come back and send out your end of the trade...hope everything is okay..if you need my address again, I will pm it to you, let me know.
  6. SOOO Sorry!!!! Been away too long!!!!! But I'm back! I admit a lot of new members have been referred!! How have you been????
  7. Hi again...still waiting to hear from you...are you ok?
    I have never received your end of the trade...can you please let me know when I can expect it please? Thanks, hope you are well...
  8. Hi Sandra
    I was wondering if you ever got my coupons I sent you for our trade...I have never heard from you about it, nor did I ever receive the book in trade...I am wondering if you are okay first and foremost,and maybe life has been hectic...can you please update me when you get this, thank you.
  9. do you have a current wishlist? I don't have a current tradelist, lol...but I have tonnes of me please
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