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  1. Morning..

  2. I got my bundle few days ago..I hope you get my stamps soon. Have a good day..
  3. Hey thanks for the rep, just so you know I put my envie to mail to you with our mail at work but our mail hasn't been picked up, hopefully in a day or 2..sorry.
  4. Thanks and happy mothers day...I was actually born on mothers day but my birthday falls on mothers day only once and a while.
  5. "poke"
  6. Go ahead and bug me,lol.
    But you're gonna have to wait till later, I know I already said this but I'm off to bed,lol. Honest I am.
  7. How do you know I won't bug you? Muah ah ah...
  8. Its ok,lol..I tried to send a msg with it but it came back undelivered. Don't worry I won't bug you,lol.
  9. Oh that was YOU! I saw a strange request and I was like who is this guy? I will definitely go back and accept it. THANKS
  10. Hey, I left you a friend request on facebook. You don't have to accept,lol but I just saw you there and thought why not.
  11. Thanks for the rep. have a good weekend.
  12. Oh its all good I to work
  13. Hey you..
    Thanks for the rep..

  14. Hey there thanks for the rep..
  15. Dancing with the stars shcmancing with the stars, JK. Thanks for the rep.
  16. The phrase great eater of pie some how doesn't seem right to me. Maybe just cause I'm silly.
    Btw, thanks for the rep.
  17. Thanks for the rep, still wont let me rep you though. Hmmm
  18. Thanks for the rep, off to bed for me, six more days work this week.
  19. Thanks for that, goodnight.
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