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  1. Hey Jess, thanks for leaving me the message about Bath and Body is my daughters favorite place, and thanks again for the $10.00 of coupon you gave me last month. We went in on the Black Friday Sale and got lots of goodies including the bag of stuff they had on for $25.00.

    I hope you, Peter and the kids have a great holiday. Take care

  2. Hi Sarah!

    How are things? I just wanted to see how you made out at Bath and Body Works? I also wanted to let you know from Dec 26 on they have a yellow tag sale with 50% off alot of stuff. After a few weeks they bump it up to 75% off. I got some of the large candles last year regular $22.50 for less than $5.00 each with the $10.00 coupon from the bottom of my receipt.

    Take care and Merry Christmas,
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