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  1. I'm going to call around on Friday and see who even has the game. And yes, we own it and LOVE it! There is 4 shoppers in a 10 minute drive ratious. I saw a bunch of the pink controllers last week but I didn't ask about the game.
  2. thats one addicting game
    make sure you go early in the morning before they run out,they tend to run out of good hings dyring bonus days
  3. I would guess ebay would be your best bet!
    Thats where I get most of our games!

    However I am after Mario Kart this weekend to give to mom for her bday since she discovered she likes it! And a pink remote for me! lol
  4. aw crud! thanks for replying to my question
    those things are expensive lol
  5. Never seen Rockband at any of the shoppers.
    I think they only carry the games actually made by nintendo.
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