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  1. Your still up!! & your right I will likely be at SDM on Dec 10!! hehe
  2. BTW...i posted the $5 coupon link too!!
  3. Hey!! SDM flyer makes me blind too!! Geez!! I can't see half of the flyer,lol I do see the Listerine Whitening 473ml on the 3rd page but its 6.49-5cpn= 1.49 Its under the million SDM OP offer wub3 particpating products!!
    That would be sweet to win, haha
  4. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you!!
  5. Oh I'll add a winning lotto to my list too!! haha I mailed your envie tonight!! Enjoy!!
  6. Winning lottery ticket? Thats my wish list! lol
  7. Where's your Wishlist, lol
  8. Your right...After I posted someone on the thread said that the OJ was also for the $30 Pepsi/lays MIR...geez I thought i had mixed them up!! lol I called & I did have the right upc codes so not sure why they rejected them....I have to fax them tomorrow!! I was freaking out as I had 2 rejected & didn't want to lose out on 2x $30!!
    I agree, I don't think i will bother with the Sobeys one either...we have lots of pop etc...I haven't done the Nestle water one either!! With this heatwave I haven't been shopping much...just too hot to be bothered, lol
    We went for a boat trip on Mitchell's bay tonight & it was so nice out there!!
    Have a great night!
  9. Just read your message....OJ was included in both!!!! The first one had more variety. The 2nd one had the jugs of Tropicanna in it. I forget what was first, the $25 or the $30??? I think I'm going to skip the Sobeys one after all this crap.
  10. OMG!! I'm so mad at 2 rejections from the $30 PC GC & now i see i bought OJ on each reciept!! Dang it all, I must have confused the two promos!!! It was for the Pepsi/lays!! They shouldn't have two promos so close together!!
  11. Oh thats good!! lol My bill was well over the amount as i had the Multibionta & Advil nighttime so i knew i wouldn't lose too much...but still the point is i shouldn't get punished for their mistake!! I will tell HO this tomorrow!! Gosh, i do spend enough there, lol
  12. The really funny thing about mine is they didn't scan my card because it would drop me below the $50 & head office would take all my points back.
    Umm....I only spent $20 oop so I was already below the $50! lol
  13. LOL I told her my friend got both for free & they said no way they couldn't do that!! I was just not in the mood to argue with them...too hot from the heat & just wanted to get home, lol
    I will call in the morning to see what SDM HO has to say!! Maybe i will get some points outta of it....I wasn't happy that they took off 130 points other SDM never asks for my card for refunds!! (not that i do many). So I lost points because of their error!!!
    A good nights rest & I will be in the fighting mood in the morning!! haha
  14. I think you should call head office!!
    Tell them a friend's also scanned wrong but it was a different Olay & I got both free!!!

    A set? What on earth could she be talking about.
    You should'v e told them you wanted to be charged $4.99 & the 2nd on free since they had those prices up!! lol
  15. Hi!! Well I went back to SDM on Grand ave & asked for the SCOP & we went to look at the shelf....of course no more of the Olay exfoliating bw left!!! The Front store manager said they must have come from a set!! WTH!! I said no they were right there beside the others!! duh!! Anyway she wouldn't do it so I said fine just give me a full refund!! I can't stand that store!! Grrr!! As I walked back to the post office I see the cashier that rang me in on Sat. & told her what happened & she said she would give it to me for bogo price but i said forget it....I can get some on bonus day!! I noticed the Ribbons bw said 4.99 each!! WTH!! is wrong with their pricing!!
    I still might call SDM HO....this store has such a bad attitude with customers!!! I noticed too that they have the new cash register system...I won't be going there much!! I much prefer the smaller store on St Clair st....the gals there are so awesome & hold stuff if i need too!!
  16. OK then maybe my eyes didn't deceive me!! lol I will try for the SCOP tomorrow!! Thanks a bunch!! I'll let you know how i make out!!
  17. I bought 2 of the Exfoliating Olay & they scanned onsale.
    It was the regular ribbons ones that didn't scan onsale. The one in the off-white bottle. I forget the scent. I bought one of those and it didn't count. BUT at my shoppers, ALL of them including the exfoliating ones were onsale.
  18. WTG!! on your SCOP!!! I realized I bought the Exfoliating Olay BW which is not on sale but I swear it had the tags 2/$6.99....I looked at another SDM tonight when I went to mail my Lysol MIR's, lol & went to NF...I will go back to the original store tomorrow & exchange them!! DUH!!!
    But I will check the signage again to make sure....those darn tags are so small!!!
    Hmmmm I think I will just refund them & then buy back on June 01 20X day, haha
  19. I went back today & was able to get $6.99 x 2 back. At first they only wanted to give me the one but I convinced them the one should've already been free there for the 2nd one should be SCOP.
  20. Hi! Yes, I saw you got $50 SDM card!! thats awesome!! Whoot!! We took a drive to Bright's Grove SDM (out in the middle of no where,lol) but ritzy area!! Nice homes along the lake!! Did my bonus redemption there for the Smashbox as Chatham/Windsor were all sold out!! Oh well, we made a day out of it & stopped in Sarnia for fish & chips at the Wharf!!
  21. Oh glad you found some nice sheets at Kohl's! Awesome deals! It was just strange to see so many people at Zellers friday night as the stores here haven't been busy so it was a surprize to see that many shoppers all at once!!! lol
    Great you got a nap inbetween shopping!!! haha I was lucky to sleep in today!!!
  22. I just read your brag.
    I didn't find our Zellers to be that busy! Parking lot was packed but inside wasn't bad. I didn't get anything from the moonlight flyer but wanted other stuff so I figured I may as well get it with the bonus points. I had a nap between black friday & going to Zellers. I bought some great sheet sets onsale at Kohls. There were 60 & 70% off.
  23. Hey!! Thanks for the tips! Mom is headed to the states on Monday!! haha She got some cream cheese a week or so ago! But might get some more & some International Delight for me as I'm almost done 1 large container!! haha
    Did you see my Zellers brag from last night?? lol It was a blast!!! But I would not attempt Black Friday in the states!!! Too crazy for me!!! haha
    Have a great weekend!
  24. Forget about the $2.99 cream cheese!!
    If you mom is headed to the states is onsale for $1.16 at walmart!!!!

    Get your passport already! lol
    Paid $3.54 for a 11lb turkey today.
  25. Hey! LOL, I could have looked for that Grasshopper, haha Didn't think I'd get time to do any shopping but we needed hotdog buns so I skipped out for an hour, hehe & went to Foodland too...nice store!
    SDM there is small but I got none food stuff & waited until I got home today to do the rest!
    Was a nice weekend & happy it didn't rain!
    Hope you had a nice weekend too!
  26. You could've came and visited me! lol
    Often slim selections there. For big days like 20x I go shop at the bigger stores. .
    Hope you had a good time camping, it was nice out Saturday.
  27. Hey! Just got home from camping in Mooretown! Nice weekend & thank goodness our friends had a heated trailer, lol...Went to SDM in Corunna for 20X points yesterday & did groceries today when I got home, haha
    I didn't try to use the coupon for $10 gc wus $50 on cosmetics...didn't want any hassles with trying to combine the offers!
  28. Great! Don't want a rusty Grasshopper!
    Hope your staying cool , its so hot again this week!
    (I'm not complaining, lol better than winter, haha)
  29. lol The Grasshopper is busy digging in the garden!!!!!
    I went and bought a sealer spray JUST incase his paint peels, don't want to have a rusty grasshopper!
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