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  1. regarding the rep you send me.
    You are not correctly reading what I posted.
  2. Nope sorry! I'm in SW ON.
  3. Was it at the WM Supercentre in Scarborough by any chance?
  4. Its at a walmart superstore. They were right at the front near the doors that go into the produce/deli counter section. They were set up on a stand by themselves. I didn't see them till I had paid and was leaving so I went back in to get it. Its definately comparable in size to RCSS that are $29.99. I got a white one with purple speckles.
  5. Thanks for the rep and for the tip regarding the orchids at WM. I didn't know they sell them. I've only seen bouquets by the registers. Are they in the garden section perhaps?
  6. Thanks for the rep! Glad you got a chuckle Keep laughing...they say it cures everything :D
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