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  1. Mia - Ill send you a PM with the superpoints info and invite. And all wiis automatically come with with wii sports. It has a few fun things. My favourite game is Mario kart. This system is going to live at my Dads house for things to do on cold snowy nights when we are visiting.
  2. there are 2 games with the console, wii sport resort and wii sport...i'm just curious to see DH doing wii nautic was one of his sport in real life lol
  3. hello,would you tell me please what is this Superpoints thing...never heard of this one before...thank'S
  4. I guess so, but that one should be cheaper! That bundle was from a year ago last summer! You can buy the wii resort box for $20, Super Mario Bros is still $50.
  5. this is not the same mine has sport resort and sport with it...that'S probably why
  6. Hi! Mine is black and has Supermario Brothers & the Soundtrack. The picture on the front shows the game, sound track & mario riding Yoshi. I'm wondering if you got the white one & it wasn't onsale?
  7. thank's for the rep.....
    i noticed that on other posts.....are they with 2 games enclosed ?
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