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  1. Thanks for $10 tip at SS and I will look out for Charles at GT
  2. I only started a couple months ago myself. I have not had trouble at Walmart or SS ever(but I always have to wait for an override at Superstore when I use more than $10 worth of coupons. Now I have had a bad cashier at GT--his name was Charles and he is young with glasses and bad acne,--I will NEVER go through his line again!!!!
  3. Hi - see that you live in PA as well. I was just wondering how you find using coupons in our local stores? Do you run into lots of tellers who do not know how or will not take your coupons. I just started using some coupons this week and have had no troubles the 2 times I went out. Once to WM and the other time to SS. Both time I had young tellers who barely even look at the coupons. But I have head lots on this site of not so good stories.
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