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  1. Oh excellent! How fun that you did that with your mom! I'm hoping to find some P&G and Redplum this weekend, too. I'll let you know if I find some!
  2. Mom was up for the folkfest; we went coupon mining and on a recycle walk on Monday and I came up with enough Smartsource. I will be looking for extra P&G and Redplum this week. Good donation coupons in them.
  3. lol...yay re grown up stuff! The joys of summer, hey? btw, did you get any SmartSource while you were at Folk Fest? If not, I might have some for you...if you're nice! lol
  4. Lorie - long time, no chat. How are things on the North End?
    Just finished 10 days of my mothers visiting, doing folkfest and working. Ineed a vacation! They took the kids with them back to the lake for 2 weeks though. WooHoo! I can do big people things for awhile.
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